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News / All news / The most expensive company in the world

Dec 12, 2011 | Analytics, Interesting, Shlyakhtin

The most expensive company in the world


Lowering the credit rating of the U.S. has had a profound impact on world markets - stock indexes fell significantly, though, they have played in the fall for a couple of days. Such volatility has led to the pretty interesting event: during trading on NASDAQ on Tuesday, apple at some point managed to become the largest and the most expensive company in the world - its market capitalization surpassed the figures of the previous leader, the oil company Exxon Mobil.

Apple's market capitalization reached $ 341.55 billion, while the figure for Exxon Mobil dropped to $ 341.42 billion; however, leading of apple did not last long, and by the end of trading oil giant returned to the first place. For comparison, the amount of annual revenue from Exxon Mobil to four times higher than the apple company. Nevertheless, the fact that apple was the most expensive company is very significant.

Now the company is at the peak of its development for several years, showing strong growth. Production of the apple company is in great demand, and it is a pioneer in emerging markets - the success of the iPhone and iPad has forced competitors to release similar devices. It is possible that apple will soon be able to gain a foothold on the first place in the list of largest companies in the world - because of fears of new crisis, oil prices are falling, while the iPhone 5, expected next month, probably a positive impact on share price of the apple.