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News / All news / Apple`s new record

Dec 20, 2011 | Analytics, Interesting, Shlyakhtin

Apple`s new record

Apple set a new record just yesterday.The App Store now has over a half million applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. This was released in a press release announced by Apple.

From the start of the sales on the Appstore, the number of downloads has reached 18 billion! And every month the number increases. It should be noted that if the total number of downloads is bigger on the platform Android, App Store overtakes Android on their number. As in September this year in the Android Market was posted more than 500 000 applications, while at the App Store over 600 thousand.

In addition, according to a press release in less than 12 months from the beginning of the year the number of downloads from the App Store for Mac is more than 100 million. And this figure does not include downloads of Lion and updates.

In response to the announcement of Apple, Google representatives have published their statistics. Last weekend, the corporation has set another record. Android Market users downloaded 10 billion apps! Let us recall that a half years ago there was downloaded only the first billion, but after such a short time, we got a ten-fold increase. It is truly amazing and such a sharp increase in rates certainly overrates Apple, but it is still up to 18 billion, so Google is far away.

The first billion of downloads in the Android market was reached in two years, and this summer, they have charged a billion applications per month. Now you can see for yourself what a phenomenal success grasped the Android Market.