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News / All news / Over one quarter of European doctors use an iPad at work

Feb 20, 2012 | Analytics, Grigorieva

Over one quarter of European doctors use an iPad at work

The study conducted by Manhattan Research in the fourth quarter of 2011 surveyed 1,207 physicians in the U.K., Germany, France, Spain and Italy to quantify the time doctors spend online while at work, as well as a breakdown of which internet-capable device is used most, reports pharmaceutical industry blog PMLiVE.

In total, iPad-toting doctors used the device for 27 percent of professional internet use, while traditional computers like desktops and laptops accounted for 55 percent and smartphones rounded out the field with 18 percent. 

“We discovered that iPad-owning physicians spend an impressive 27 per cent of their professional online time on the device, likely replacing desktop time and probably some offline media time too," said Manhattan Research principal analyst Christina Anthogalidis. “Use of these devices at the point-of-care to educate patients and manage records is also promising at this stage.”

While doctors used their iPads primarily for online referencing, reading online medical journals and watching videos, some are leveraging their iPads to manage and educate their patients.