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Jun 12, 2012 | Company, iOS, Grigorieva

Games from Reiner Knizia

Soon we let out board games series developed by Reiner Knizia, famous and prolific board game designer from Germany with over 500 published games. You can easily find his games on various "top games" lists.

Born in 1957, he developed his first game at the age of eight. And only at 40 he became a full-time game designer, when he had got a PhD in mathematics and left his job in large international bank in 1997.

It should be said he is not just productive designer – he is highly acclaimed. It is proved by the Deutscher Spiele Preis (having won four times), a Spiel des Jahres (in addition to a Kinderspiel des Jahres and a special award) and numerous other national and international awards.

What’s he famous for? Reiner Knizia has pioneered an abstract theme in design. Knizia's thematic game designs tend not to try to model a specific environment, as it was before, but, according to his words, “instead try to invoke the thought and decision-making processes that are keys to the theme”, like risk, fear, money, adventure or pursuit.

Last years a huge number of Knizia’s designs have been redeveloped for the electronic gaming&console markets. And now with the times he is actively involved in IPad and IPhone game development. Knizia's games cover many board game genres: small gamblings, the applications for children, difficult quests and even role-playing games – everyone can find something to their liking. It is likely that you've already familiar with his games, and maybe even avid gamer.

In cooperation with AidemMedia company we release Russian versions of IPad and IPhone board games, previously released in the AppStore in the English language. You can familiarize with three logic board games: Reiner Knizia’s Poker Solitaire, Reiner Knizia’s Skyline Sudoku and Reiner Knizia’s City of Secrets Pipes.

Planned release date for the games is  June, 2012.