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News / All news / Liz Ditters, Princess Bouncerella’s author

Jun 27, 2012 | iOS, Interesting, Grigorieva

Liz Ditters, Princess Bouncerella’s author

Soon a new interactive book “Princess Bouncerella” by Orange Books, a Dutch publisher, will be available in Russian.

iRevolution has made it specially for our kids and their parents. The story about Princess was written and illustrated by Liz Ditters. Who is she? And why does she know Princess’ secrets? Because she has dreamed and worked a lot. That’s how it came about.

Liz was born 1967 in Beuningen, the Netherlands. Since her childhood she has loved drawing and French sweets. She has easily found a rhyme to a word. Liz lived with her parents and brothers in Paris, and then they moved again to the Netherlands. After leaving school she went to Amsterdam where she studied Biology. But the thought of drawing attracted her greatly and in two years she decided to enter the Art Academy in Tilburg. There she studied Art History and local archival depositories and even worked in one of them.  

Liz has three children, Jonas, Levy and Cleo. It’s safe to say that they have inspired her to create the most fascinating stories and illustrations to them. At first Liz just wrote them down, and then she developed a web site and started to show her stories to publishers. But for a long time no one paid attention to her works.

In 2009 Liz Ditters was marked at one of the competitions, the main prize of which was the publication of her book. But she didn’t become a winner. However, she didn’t refuse her dream and continued writing and drawing.

And in 2011 she was noticed by Orange Books, in fall a stunning animated application about a naughty Princess Bouncerella in Dutch, French and English was already on the App Store! In February 2012 a book “I see, I see that you do not see” was published.

Soon, along with the Russian version of the book about Princess there should be released a Spanish one. Liz Ditters is very happy about that, and continues writing children’s verse, thinking up new adventures for her stories’ heroes and engaging in her site’s work. These sensational victories are very inspiring.   

Soon “Princess Bouncerella” will be available on the App Store!