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News / All news / 1/4 of Russians read periodicals on the Internet

Apr 18, 2013 | Analytics, Terenin

1/4 of Russians read periodicals on the Internet

Analytic research showed that only 24% of Russians read on-line mass media, others prefer usual newspapers and magazines.

About 28 thousand respondents in age of 10 years old and older were asked during 2012 in 50 large Russian cities (with population not less than 100 thousand people). The following question was asked: “Have you read on-line newspapers and magazines at least once for the last three months”?

Received results can be firstly explained by a low Internet technical spread in Russia, where it is used at least once a week only by 53% of large cities population.

Analytics mention, that readers, who answered «Yes», visited mostly business media. Now such portals have more readers than periodicals do.

Business press readers are usually modern, independent and, as a rule, they are concentrated in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. They use all possible ways to stay in touch with any information, which are tabs, smartphones and PC.

As for newspapers like «Komsomolskaya pravda» and «Arguments and facts» (which are the largest ones in Russia), they have completely other audience, which is lower-paid people above 50. A newspaper for them should be in paper version.

This year a number of on-line readers will increase, but not significantly. Other Internet information resources, such as blogs or news in social networks, can compete with them.

Sources: Synovate Comcon and РБК Daily