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News / All news / A new world map by Oxford Internet Institute

Oct 15, 2013 | Analytics, Interesting, Olenberger

A new world map by Oxford Internet Institute

Every day when you log online, you enter the world wide web: A place where most of Africa has disappeared and China has eclipsed Russia as the country with the world's largest land mass.

At least that's what the world looks like according to a new map published by the Oxford Internet Institute, which has enlarged and minimized countries according to their internet population.

Additionally, each country is shaded according to how much their internet population represents of the population as a whole.

So, while Canada has become much smaller than it's land mass, it is a deep shade of red which means that over 80 per cent of Canadian have a web presence.

China on the other hand, is much larger than it is in real life, but remains lightly shaded since much of the population is still not online.

By plotting countries this way, the researchers discovered that 42 per cent of the world's internet users come from Asia, with more users in Asia, China, India and Japan than all of Europe combined.

But because these Asian countries have massive populations to begin with, they are also the countries with the most room to grow.

India is the best example of this since less than 20 per cent of it's population is online, and it's still enlarged on the map.

The map's creators Mark Graham and Stefano De Sabbata were also behind a map which plotted the  «internet empires».

The source: The Daily Mail