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News / All news / Clue Investigator. New Year mission for secret agents!

Dec 20, 2013 | Mobile, Publishing, New, Skvortsov

Clue Investigator. New Year mission for secret agents!

Clue Investigator is a puzzle game based on the so named board game.

Together with Clue Investigator you can celebrate this New Year on the Caribbean island, having a secret mission! Together with a team of agents you will take part in a secret activities to catch a criminal group. Moving from one level to another one, you will look for clues and detect crimes.

Your task is to catch four criminals, who then will bring you to a mafia tycoon. Will you succeed in looking for all clues and evidence? Will you lock all criminals up?

Game features:

  • The first mobile version of the famous board game in AppStore
  • 5 difficulty modes
  • 12 locations on each of 4 levels with hints
  • 4 locations on the 5th (the most difficult) level “Catch a boss”
  • The best simulator to train your logical thinking and skills
  • An instruction for the game

We are following your results in Game Center! Good luck!