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Partnership / For Foreign Partners

Nov 04, 2011

For Foreign Partners

If you want to increase the number of your customers selling your interactive apps to the Russian speaking people from all over the world, iRevolution is ready to help you! We propose you a revolutionary offer

Will localize your application into Russian

Why iRevolution?

  • We know the Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian mentality: what and who are they fond of watching, listening to? What games do they like? What do they prefer to read? etc.
  • We know the Russian and CIS market;
  • Thanks to our contribution our partners have increased their sales greatly;
  • Our partner is Hard’n’Soft, one of the leading computer magazines inRussia;
  • We are experts in the field of edutainment for children and adults, that is why since 2004 we have been creating electronic educational resources for the Russian Ministry of Education;
  • We work not only with highly qualified designers, programmers, actors but also with kids’ psychologists;
  • We have a patent for the software on its basis more than 2,000 electronic educational resources have been created;
  • Our team has been working in the IT sphere since 1991.

What does iRevolution offer?

A unique program according to it iRevolution is responsible for:

  • Localization Costs into the Russian language;
  • Marketing, PR, Advertising Costs;
  • Costs to protect from the unauthorized use on the net;
  • Monthly app sales reports;
  • Payments for each licensed product;
  • Promotion, PR and advertising;

iRevolution is ready to provide help for developing your applications on such operating systems as iOSAndroid, Windows 8/RT.

We will be glad to discuss all possible ways of our cooperation!