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Partnership / For Rightholders

Sep 02, 2011

For Rightholders

If you are a right holder of the following products:

  • Literature, music, video, ark works;
  • original table games;
  • multimedia products;
  • interactive applications.

and looking for new possibilities for increasing profit, we are ready to help you! iRevolution publishes electronic applications for mobile devices in such most popular world stores as AppStore, Google Store и Android Market!

What does iRevolution offer?

iRevolution offers rightholders publishing (producing, marketing, PR and selling) of interactive applications for mobile devices (tablets, smartphones on any operational system) on the basis of your Products (books, cartoons, audioperformance, series, table games and ect.)

Thanks to republishing you will be able to increase your sales.  Your new products will be sold at the  stores all over the world!

What interactive apps does iRevolution publish?

Interactive book – an application for modern mobile device, the contence of which consists of not only texts or illustrations, but also elements that interact with a reader, leading to a change in location or geometry content. This kind of book has interactive effects and lets a reader understand its content from another  point of view and merge into a margnificant world of reading with special interest.

Edutainment application –an interactive application, oriented to an adult or a child education via edutainment, e.g., educational games, quests, cartoons with interactive explanations and ect.

What devices does iRevolution produce interactive apps for?

We produce and sell interactive apps operating on the most famous operational systems in Russia:

  • iOS,
  • Android,
  • Windows 8/RT.

Such well –known tablets and smart phones as iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Taband ect. operate on them.

Why iRevolution?

  1. iRevolution is a Publisher,but not just a worker. The success of any interactive app depends on marketing, promotion and PR.
  2. iRevolution pays not only all app production risks and costs, but also key marketing, PR and promotion costs.
  3. iRevolution pays all localization risks and costs (localization can be done into Russian, English, Chinese, Arabic).
  4. iRevolution is sales oriented, so we are ready to implement an effective production technology for you to publish an interactive book.
  5. You have a possibility of app sales auditing produced with iRevolution.
  6. You provide iRevolution with media.
  7. iRevolution develops different apps: interactive books, games or edutainment apps on the basis on the media provided.
  8. iRevolution markets, PR, sells and promotes interactive books, games.
  9. You will get royalty from each app sold by iRevolution.
  10. Our specialists will market all your products and offer the most profitable ones for their interactive republishing either for the Russian or foreign markets.
  11. We will produce ourselves or arrange an effective production of interactive apps for you to publish.
  12. We will offer an individual profit share system.
  13. If you want to publish an interactive app very quickly, iRevolution is ready to provide you with its account for selling.
  14. iRevolution will be responsible for interactive apps sales, implementing a full range of activities to stimulate the sales.

We will be glad to discuss all possible ways of our cooperation!