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Technologies / Prototype for Literature 10-11 Grades

Jun 01, 2012 | Technology, Terenin, 2012

Prototype for Literature 10-11 Grades

The prototype for Literature for 10-11 grades is developed according to the State National Educational Standards for basic education.

The prototype is based on psychological characteristics of high school pupils. It contains multimedia and interactive tasks that allow students to be active and industrious while working with them. The material is organized according to all ergonomic and design principles, the Standards and using meta-subject links.

  • Study material

Pupils can read texts, look through pictures, learn additional files, watch video and listen to audio. They have an opportunity to do creative interactive tasks and standard tasks using automatic and semantic help options.

  • Tasks

Pupils have a variety of tasks where they have no help options. The results of the tasks can be found in a special part called “General Statistics”.

The prototype contains the following thematic material for the part "Life and Oeuvre N.V. Gogol”: 

  1. N.V. Gogol’s Life
  2. N.V. Gogol’s Oeuvre
  3. The theme of art in N.V. Gogol’s works. The novel called "The Portrait"
  4. The theme in N. V. Gogol’s works. "Petersburg Tales"
  5. "Dead Souls" as the pick of N.V. Gogol’s works
  6. Chichikov’s Travel to provincial Russia
  7. The images of the poem "Dead Souls"
  8. Workshop on N.V. Gogol’s creativity 

The prototype for Literature is developed especially for mobile devices (tablets) operating on Android and PC with “Windows”, “Linux”, “MacOS”

The prototype is done under the agreement with the National Institute of Education Development for the complex project called "Development of Interactive Multimedia Electronic Prototypes of New Textbooks for Basic Education for Modern Mobile Electronic Devices" for the Russian Ministry of Education.

Examples of interactive multimedia electronic pupil’s books:

  1. N.V. Gogol’s creative way
  2. The theme in N.V. Gogol’s works. "Petersburg Tales"