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Technologies / Prototype for Art 1st Grade

Oct 01, 2012 | Technology, Terenin, 2012

Prototype for Art 1st Grade

The prototype for Art is based on pupil's book by T.A. Koptceva and others that is recommended by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science (Publishing Houses “Yahont” and “Association XXI century”, 2011, 2012).

The prototype for Art for 1st grade is developed according to the State National Educational Standards for basic education. The prototype is based on psychological characteristics of primary school pupils. It contains multimedia and interactive tasks, such as text, photo, sound, video, photo.

The prototype has two modes:

The mode called "Standard" is used in a classroom.

The mode called “My study book” is used by pupils independently. A pupil can work without any help and do the following things:

  • Use the menu with drawing tools (to paint pictures, underline and mark some text parts, draw);

  • Use the menu with tools for recoding pupil's voices.

The prototype for Art contains 8 lessons on the following topics:

  1. An artist paints pets: a cat figure in artists’ work
  2. An artist paints birds
  3. A Russian village and nature image
  4. The image of an epic bogatyr 
  5. The image of the Russian beauty
  6. In books world
  7. Folk crafts
  8. The State Tretyakov Gallery

The prototype for Art for 1st grade operates on iOS operation system and is used on iPad. 

The prototype is done under the agreement with the National Institute of Education Development for the complex project called "Development of Interactive Multimedia Electronic Prototypes of New Textbooks for Basic Education for Modern Mobile Electronic Devices" for the Russian Ministry of Education.