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Technologies / e-Book: Standard Model

Aug 01, 2012 | Terenin

e-Book: Standard Model

The model of e-Book is based on a standard model with psychologic characteristics of pupils, subject and level of education.

In this respect the following things should be taken into account:

  1. the main activity of the following age
  2. the consistent complexity

The specific characteristics of the subject are

  1. The form of representing educational content
  2. Specific tools for each subject.

The following organizations took part in development of the model:

National Institute of Education Development, Educational Information Centre, Physicon Ltd., Russian Methodical Centre, Publishing house “Drofa” and iRevolution Ltd. 

e-Book functionality

e-Book is the main part of the Interactive educational system, oriented to educational process, based on information communication technologies and use of modern forms and methods of education.

Based on modern mobile device e-Book is considered as an alternative to a traditional paper study book.

e-Book functional structure

e-Book functional structure shall be matched by its aim in educational process and shall include the following components:

  • Main material, providing a main content of study subject;
  • Additional material, connected with the main one by clear navigation system and aimed for extend basic knowledge;
  • Explanations;
  • Study materials digestion system, including modeling, fixating and controlling components;
  • Navigation system.