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Technologies / Russian education – 2013 in figures

Sep 01, 2013 | Education, Olenberger

Russian education – 2013 in figures

Interesting figures about Education-2013 were published on official Livejournal of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

1,5 mln children went to school the first time this year and there are total 13,9 mln pupils at schools. They attend 46,9 thousand schools (19,3 thousand city schools and 27,6 thousand ones in regions). They will be tought by 1186,9 thousand teachers.
Modernization programm provides schools with 1108 thousand items of laboratory, production and computer equipment, 146 thousand items of sport equipment, 73 thousand items of medicine equipment, thousand vehicals; 7861 schools provide distance learning.
Alhought there is the trend of technical modernization, 77 mln study books were found in school libraries.

Общее образование

Colleges and higher educational institutes have serious statistics as well.
271,1 thousand professors work in 2649 higher educational institutes and their branches, state ones (1622) as well as commercial ones (1027). They will teach 6012,9 thousand students.
And 4,4 thousand colleges have 2673,9 thousand students tought by 170,8 thousand professors.


Additional education keeps the common statistics: 12,6 mln children study with 240 thousand teachers in 18 thousand institutes of education (7850), culture and art (5328) and sport (4834).


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The source: «Livejournal» of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation