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Technologies / “2Sun Builder of e-learning modules in OMS format”

Aug 01, 2010

“2Sun Builder of e-learning modules in OMS format”

It is important not just to feed a hungry person, but to give him a fishing rod.
If you give him a fish, it will help a person only once,
but if you teach him how to fish,
you will feed him for the whole life!

“2Sun Builder of e-learning modules in OMS format” (certificate of state registration №2010610257), is developed to create complete interactive multimedia products that are focused on educational tasks solutions.

OMS files developed with the Builder, are reproduced with the standardized player of the Russian Ministry of Education (download at OMS version

Today, there are a great number of tools to create multimedia educational content, but to create something with their help a developer should have programming skills. A programmer is not a subject specialist, but an additional component that not only increases the development time and cost, but also reduces the quality of the final. He does not allow developing a completed logically-built product.

The Builder lets experts in different subjects develop e-learning modules (ELM) without any help, so they become not just authors-consultants, but developers.

The builder allows using the technology of active learning that can enhance the function and space of any educational institution, change functions of a trainee and a trainer qualitatively.

The use of the ELM in the educational process as well as the development of modules by students themselves form the habit of active learning, providing their personal development. They become capable to find and analyze information, it stimulates active self-development, makes students build their educational path and follow it effectively, organizing their time.

To help developers to implement any educational content the Builder has:

1. Unified system of objects representation, techniques of their interaction and methodological argumentations of their use in the content presentation;

2. Patterns are developed to implement various types of educational tasks;

3. Patterns of modules designed to meet ergonomic requirements for the organization and methods of the multimedia content presentation;

4. With the help of assessment tools a developer can implement a variety of tasks that differ in their form, content, level;

5. The options of the Builder let a developer implement a variety of techniques to enhance the learning activity.

The Builder is an environment for constant improvement of teaching skills, a field for the implementing creative ideas, an ability to apply modern education technologies, to transfer creative experience, to represent the experience, tools and interesting things in a new form – an e-learning module - an interactive, multimedia, logically finished product.

With the help of this Builder "Cyril and Methodius", "Russian National Multimedia Centre" and NMG have successfully completed state contracts created more than 2,300 ELM for Russian secondary and general education.