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Works / how2Draw - drawing step-by-step and coloring book

May 18, 2017 | Mobile, New

how2Draw - drawing step-by-step and coloring book

Now «how2Draw» includes more then 70 pictures for step-by-step draw training and coloring for kids from 3 years old (3+). It is based on the unique technology of learning how to draw.

Our artists and supervisors are continuing to work on the content creating new sets and characters. Thus our programmers have to update the app every week so you can get new drawing tasks and pictures for coloring FOR FREE.

Save your kid's drawings and share them through e-mail or social networks. Who knows, maybe your kid is future Raphael or Pablo Picasso.

Use two creative modes:

  • «Let’s draw!» teaches drawing and coloring step-by-step
  • «Let's paint!» provides convinient coloring of pictures


  • Fruits and Vegetables;
  • Transport;
  • Flowers;
  • Animals;
  • Space.

Let's draw asap! You will have some rest or do what you need, while your kid is into coloring a car or training of drawing a fish.

It is already proved that motility impacts on brain, intelligence and psycho emotional atmosphere in the early age. Drawing on tab with fingers, kids become calm and relaxed, they acquire great aesthetic sense, develop harmony sense for everything around them.
Why is it important for parents to learn these lessons as well? To help your kids! Probably it will be difficult for them at the very beginning as they are small and lots of skills are new for them. It is important not to miss this moment and help kids to organize their lessons so drawing will become the favorite thing to do.

Drawing lessons are organized in such way that kids see only things which are already familiar for them. They arrange current experience and steadily wide their world perception, showing new nature and life events. Maybe now your kid will have a new view to the world and you will help with this.
Check for updates!

Download updates with new sets and characters FOR FREE!