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Works / Three Kittens: Cartoons

Mar 19, 2018 | Mobile, New

Three Kittens: Cartoons

Unique educational cartoon series consisting of 31 cartoons for children from 2 years old. The application contains the popular series “Three kittens” and “Songs for kittens”, which have more than 35 million views on YouTube.

Each episode is a short musical story through which your child will learn proper behavior at home and in public, as they sing along with the kittens.

Through the simple and understandable images, music and lyrics your child will learn such things as: why they shouldn’t play with matches, why they should brush their teeth, why they shouldn’t run out into the street or why they shouldn’t talk to strangers. This app helps make learning fun.


Watch the 2, 4 and 5 year old kittens handle different situations at home and in public. The kittens and other characters were developed with children’s psychology in mind. They are drawn simply and clearly, with big bright details. The kittens interact with their parents and grandparents and the emphasis is on family values, which will help your child build positive relationships and family ties. These values are embedded in the plot and reflected in the songs.