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Works / Amusing Farm

Feb 10, 2010 | Edu

Amusing Farm

Amusing tasks help your child to develop Maths skills and learn how to use Maths knowledge in real life.
Your child with the fairy-tale characters – leshiki comes across with different entertaining situations and learns Maths easily.
It is not so easy to keep the house. It is necessary to count and look after everything. A child will look for answers to difficult economy questions with fun and unquiet heroes Scrip, Zanoza and Vetochka. For example, how to calculate an area of bed, how to count a budget for 1st September or how to cook a tasty cake, using a recipe.
All tasks meet the requirements of the National State Standards of primary education.
Amusing Farm is the 5th issue of popular series “Forest Maths for 4th grade”, which consists of 5 multimedia issues with interesting Maths tasks.
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