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Works / Any room for me!

Jun 20, 2012 | Mobile, Publishing, New

Any room for me!

“Any room for me. A Russian folktale” is a famous fairy tale in the app for iPad with colourful and wonderful illustrations by Loek Koopmans.

  This app is with a nice message for kids over one year. Once upon a time a man went to the forest to chop wood and lost his mitten. A little mouse liked this warm mitten and decided to live in it. But it was a frosty winter and soon other animals got interested in this open house. If your kid likes voiced fairy tales with pictures, he/she will definitely like this story.

Thanks to forest sounds and living winter pictures the app creates wonderful feeling that you are in the forest together with the fairytale characters. You can read or listen to the tale. It is narrated in the manner of best audiobooks by a professional actor.

 The app is not overloaded by interactive elements; a kid can get in touch with forest animals that are controlled by touching them and find out what is hidden in the dark winter forest by tilting your iPad.


  • Only for iPad; 
  • Horizontal mode; 
  • Animals can be moved or stopped with just a finger; 
  • Sound accompaniment; 
  • Turning pages effect;