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Works / Home Staging service presentation

Mar 13, 2013 | Company, New

Home Staging service presentation

iRevolution offers developing multimedia presentations as iOS or Android apps (from 2500 USD). We will create a decision that will have all interactive and multimedia presentation advantages!

Home Staging service presentation was made under cognominal company’s order. The presentation operates on iOS and Android mobile devices. It allows potential clients finding out Home Staging opportunities and getting more information about provided services.

Home Staging is a service that helps to change your real estate into a liquid product. This will allow you to compete with other people without expensive repairs and design.

There is not only the full information about Home Staging service background, but also some answers to the questions:

- What are Home Staging aims and tasks

- How it appeared and was developed

- How to change a house into a liquid product without extra expences

- Why do you need help of Home Staging specialists and what problems can you face, if you do this by your own

Interactive section “Before” and “After” allows viewing the album with some examples of completed works. It also demonstrates Home Staging technology work system on the example of one certain living room.

App features:

  • iOS and Android tab devices;
  • Horizontal mode;
  • Usual and interactive screens.

Home Staging presentation is free for download through AppStore and Google Market.