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Works / «Interactive work book «От А до Я» (letters А, О, У, Л, М, Н)

May 15, 2013 | Edu

«Interactive work book «От А до Я» (letters А, О, У, Л, М, Н)

Launch promo: 33 rubles till May, 22! Letter «А» is free!

«Interactive work book от А до Я» is a fun way to show your child sounds, letters, syllables, words and also to teach him reading and writing. It is the first app, which teaches writing Russian alphabet's letters.

A child will not only have fun, but also stress a sound in a word, find words with the set sound, recognize letter's place aurally, divide words into syllables and write letters correctly!

The first app version has one set cost 66 rubles. It includes tasks and teaching materials for the following letters:

А, О, У, Л, М, Н

Using touch screen with adopted tasks from the interactive work book «от А до Я», your child will learn how to:

  • Stress a sound in a word
  • Find words with the set sound
  • Stress a sound in a word tonally
  • Recognize letter's place aurally: at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of words
  • Divide words into syllables
  • Work with word's scheme
  • Write Russian alphabet's letters correctly (It is the first app, which teaches writing Russian alphabet's letters)

The app was developed on a base of the popular work book «От А до Я», which is the part of «From sound to letter» education program by «С-Инфо» Publishing House.

The program was made in accordance to the requirements of Federal State Education Standards.

Interactive tasks and exercises are approved by specialists of the National Institute of Education Development.

Methodology’s author Elena Vladimirovna Kolesnikova is a highest quality teacher, a lecturer in Moscow Institute of Open Education, an author of many teaching books and an education program of preparing children to study ABC.

Interactive work book special features:

  • Different interactive tasks with checking answers (drag, mark, match, etc.)
  • Methodological recommendations how to do interactive tasks correctly (helping parents)
  • Author’s poems to help remembering a letter and develop memory
  • Voiced tasks and texts of exercises
  • Teaching correct letters’ writing
  • Interactive copy-books for unlimited writing self-training
  • An opportunity to save results of completed tasks
  • A simple user interface

The app was created under the order of «С-Инфо» Publishing House.