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Works / Xmas on the planet-transformer

Dec 06, 2013 | Mobile, Publishing, New

Xmas on the planet-transformer

A very New Year fairy tale with transformations and learning games develops an imagination. A child will catch, build, decorate, riddle, look for, listen and even take photos! 

You can also enjoy it, play together, listen and read. 

In the story there will be many adventures, strange things and funny ones, Even though it is taking place in the unknown galaxy, in fact, this is still a good old story about love and beauty. 

You can and even should touch everything, find secrets and play games. Actually, you have to enjoy it. 

The app is voiced professionally by Alexander Kudrinsky. The app includes: 

  • Talking fairy tale with an original art style 
  • Stop-motion animation at each scene 
  • A plenty of interactive elements 
  • Unexpected visual effects and transformation 

Also we have funny games: 

  • YOUR SPACECRAFT. Here everybody builds a unique flying machine and even flies to certain address by his or her own. 
  • BASKET WITH STARS. Catch stars, don’t snap at flies and make a wish. 
  • Learning game TIME SIMULATOR. Using this, it is easy to learn, what time is now on the Earth (with space watch, of course). 
  • CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATION. Show your true taste and generosity, decorating unusual and “shy” space Christmas tree. The number of “dresses” is not limited, so all your friends have a chance to receive a special greeting on New Year and a special Christmas tree as well.

Requirements: compatible with iPad, iOS 6.0 and higher.