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News / All news / "Kesha's Adventures" on the App Store

Jan 23, 2012 | Analytics, iOS

"Kesha's Adventures" on the App Store

On 23 d January an interactive app for children “Kesha’s Adventures” is available on the App Store.

«Kesha’s Adventures» is the first app from a series called “My First Interactive Book”, it is now available in Russian. There are two stories about a brave sparrow Kesha: “First Flight” and “Born to fly”.

Soon other interactive books from the series “My First Interactive Book” will be available on the App Store: “Kesha’s Adventures 2” and “Piglet’s Adventures”.

Such interactive books are created especially for iPad for your kid to learn, develop at the same time!

“Kesha’s Adventures” will be one of the most favourite books of your child for iPad!

Under the agreement with Yippee Arts iRevolution localized and made this app available in the Russian language. The app is approved by specialists of the National Institution of Education Development.

The price of the app is $ 1.99, the Russian version of “Kesha’s Adventures” is available only in Russian for iPad all over the world.