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News / All news / Has the AppStore been hacked?

Jul 17, 2012 | Interesting, Grigorieva

Has the AppStore been hacked?

At the end of 2009 the system of in-app purchases was launched. It enables the developers to sell virtual goods by the transactions within free items.

At first, the rules managing the funds transferring allowed making purchases only in paid apps, but then the apps based on the «freemium» model for iPhone and iPad were developed.

Today it was announced that the Russian programmer Alexey Borodin has hacked in-purchase technology, implemented in the App Store’s apps and developed a method allowing anyone to use such virtual iPhone and iPad content absolutely free. You do not need to jailbreak. 

His technique ( is based on DNS changing and its utilization is a personal decision of each user. But to make sure you have a clear understanding of what is happening, we explain what it means in reality.

If you change your DNS to any other server (not a provider), you can never be sure that instead of the relevant sites you won’t be offered their copies of unknown quality and origin. In the case of mobile apps and getting its inside options free, a hacker, a server owner, instead of Apple’s site can provide you his own web-site that authorizes the purchase.

You shouldn’t change DNS because the same hacker’s site can be opened and it will steal all your personal information.

But what is more expensive - in-game purchase or personal data? Of course, each user can choose at his discretion.

For our part we appeal you not to use such services and to respect the developers’ work and to be law abiding.

Source the Russian blogs