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News / All news / Kids download, Apple answers for it

Feb 28, 2013 | iOS, Terenin

Kids download, Apple answers for it

$100 mil!

That’s the price Apple will have to pay for out-of-court settlement of claims of the parents whose children have been downloading App Store materials and been buying virtual currency to play games not having their parents special permission. Sounds nonsense? The company pays money to parents because their kids do shopping…

American justice is strange thing, actually. Especially experts excuses below sound naive.

Parents believe that modern children are bad enough in technologies, and give them mobile phones and tablets. But the reality shows that kids know it well – much better than adults.

What’s more, many parents give their children an access to their iTunes to let the children assist them in how-to-use device.

When you buy App Store materials or virtual currency it is necessary to enter the password to withdraw funds from the account which is tied to the device. But occasionally the password is not required by system and children possibly could use that opportunity. For instance, we talk about Tap Fish named application. In this game you have to buy virtual currencyso as to keep fish vitality on proper level. And this kind of apps was found by parents as enticements. Frankly speaking, I’ve never met the situation when you buy products or accept your decision to buy something not entering special password or such like.

$100 mil!

So maybe Law-advanced parents should start keeping under control their kids virtual activity, and be responsible for the iTunes passwords they own.

Interesting, is it allowed to give your iTunes password to your wife? What if not?…