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News / All news / Russia is the tenth in downloads

Apr 10, 2013 | Analytics, Terenin

Russia is the tenth in downloads

According to App Annie since February, 2013 Russia entered the list of the first 10 countries with the number of downloaded apps for Apple mobile devices and in the volume of revenue generated by them.


As for February, 2013, Russia took the 8th place with number of iOS downloads and the 9th one with the volume of income generated from them. Three leaders in iOS applications downloads are the USA, China and Great Britain, and the TOP-3 revenue ones are the USA, Japan and the UK.

The similar trend is observed in Google Play, however, on its statistics Russia takes the 3rd place with the number of Android applications downloads (after the USA and South Korea). Russia is on the 9th place with the volume of generated revenue in Google Play.

Despite of the fact Russian users download approximately in 5 times more apps from Google Play, than from Apple App Store, the iOS platform remains the main generator of income for developers.

According to App Annie the main category, stimulating development of mobile applications stores in Russia, is games. Its share is slightly less than a half of all downloads, and at the same time games generate about 60% of revenue in App Store as well as 70% in Google Play.

Besides games mobile applications of social networks are popular in Russia as well as navigation apps and apps for reading books. The App Annie company follows dynamics of applications, statistics of online stores and also estimates their sales.