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News / All news / Internet Trends: Students in Europe

May 21, 2013 | Analytics, Education, Prokofieva

Internet Trends: Students in Europe

OK, students in Europe: spotlight’s on you! In this week’s look at the results of our global student survey, I’m highlighting some of the internet trends we found from respondents across Europe.

So, what did we find out?

Here are some of the key findings:

  • European students reported some of the lowest levels of time online – 50% said they spend only three or less hours on the internet per day. This compares to 36% in the US & Canada, 46% in Africa, 50% in Asia and 22% in Latin America.
  • Overall trends in internet device use were almost identical for respondents in Europe and those in the US & Canada – in both cases, laptops remained the most-used device, but smartphones and tablets are definitely emerging as primary devices.
  • Within Europe, respondents in Spain were the most likely to report smartphones as their primary internet device – a whopping 35% of students in Spain said they used a smartphone more often than laptop, tablet or desktop.
  • After Spain, the next highest users of smartphones were: France (26%), Bulgaria (23%), Russia (23%) and the UK (22%). The lowest smartphone penetration was in Greece (8%).
  • Highest usage of tablets was found in Ukraine, where 12% of respondents said tablets were their most-used internet device. Close behind were France, Italy and Romania – all with 10%. Again, the lowest usage reported was in Greece (2%), but the UK wasn’t far off (3%).
  • Overall, as we found worldwide, laptops were the most commonly reported primary internet device across all the European countries surveyed.
  • And finally, a look at social media usage... Across Europe, the most popular social network emerged as YouTube, with 84% of respondents saying they use it ‘all the time’. Next were Facebook (81%), Twitter (75%) and LinkedIn (74%).

So European students, what do you think? Does this reflect your own experience of the amount of time you spend online, the internet device you use most often, and the social networks you simply can’t log out of?