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News / All news / A bike charges a house

Jul 08, 2013 | Interesting, Terenin

A bike charges a house

Designers created an eco bicycle from materials that are used for kitchen tables. This bike is able to charge different devices such as iPhone, video camera and (potentionally) electocars and even houses.

После появления iPad

This stylish bicycle is called Levitation.

Devices are to connect it by USB, which is hidden in its handle-bar. Power is formed during spinning pedals and then it saves in on-board battery. But it can also be charged by usual jack. The bicycle has a touch screen, where you see how much electic power was generated and biker's pulse rate. It goes without saying there is a wi-fi hot-spot - how can we live without it?


После появления iPad

Levitation is a creation of Dezien company designers Michael Strain, Ramerio Dias and Brandon Heartly. Its unusual triangle bicycle frame is made from strong HI-MACS material. It's an artificial acryl stone, which is used for decorating kitchen furniture.

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