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Partnership / CityTV Innovative digital screen media advertising platform Second Screen

Nov 11, 2014 | iOS, Second screen

CityTV Innovative digital screen media advertising platform Second Screen

 CityTV Innovative digital screen media advertising platform

CityTV is the platform for delivery of information and entertainment content and advertising for public transport. CityTV content is fully geolocating: digital screens (with LTE or Wi-Fi connection) broadcast content according to passenger’ coordinates and transport direction.

CityTV also uses public mobiles (smartphones) as the second channel of content delivery. Passengers can download and use special application (iOS/Android) that synchronized with digital screens to get extended content and special offers corresponding with ads.

CityTV Geolocating content

CityTV allows to broadcast geolocating, time-based content with personal user preferences.

Content based not simply on client location, its focused on the route and movement details. For example system informs you not about current city weather and forecast, it informs you what weather will be on you destination.

System uses no POI technology – it based on complex algorithm with CityTV special geo software. This software allows to avoid cases when passenger gets information after transport passed a needed route point.

CityTV Extended communication

Second screen apps

CityTV gives audience engagement increase using passengers mobile devices.

Digital screens content motivates to install and use the special mobile application. This app gives additional content synchronized with digital screens channel, interactive services (such a votes, contests, gambling etc) and social activity.

This app also can receive coupons and discounts synchronized with ad on digital screens. 

CityTV Geolocating content  CityTV Extended communication

Eye tracking

A clever face detection camera is positioned at the top to the screen to capture data, not images, on the gender, age, time of day and location of our screen viewers.

CityTV accumulates EyeTracking data to analysis and optimize advertising campaigns for better results.

CityTV Digital Screens

CityTV digital signage solutions feature full HD LCD digital screens that operate using LTE or Wi-Fi technologies, low power consumption and live activity reporting. There are several screen sizes available in our digital signage solution; 24”, 40” and up outdoor screen.

Digital screens allows to broadcast the variety of content types (multiscreen technology). Screen field has a few segments to show different types of content (video, infographics, feeds etc.). This set are built with high performance and usability standards.

CityTV Extended communication  CityTV Digital Screens

CityTV Content Management

Content set can be created and broadcasted for different groups of devices, routes or especially for unique transport unit.

- Available content types:

- Route info (such a route map, traffic etc.)

- Daily info (weather, time, calendar etc.)

- Video (different playlists)

- Daily news (texts, infographics, rollcrawls etc)

- Alerts (emergency info etc)

- Advertising

Fully integrated, flexible and reactive digital signage software

Online Content Management System allow to manage different groups of devices in realtime using simple web interface. System user can create a set of playlists actually operating with special channel broadcasting.

Online Content Management System collects data about digital screens operability and geolocation in realtime for full channel control.

CityTV Content Management  CityTV Content Management

CityTV Advertising solutions

Ad network management system allows to manage ad campaigns in the realtime. System has web-interface to work with digital screen ad just like you work with context or media ad in your internet campaigns.

CityTV ad partner (for example cafe or store) can create geo targeting advertising for his location or an specific route just using simple interface with tutorial and the set of templates.

The advantage of CityTV system is in direct control of advertising without additional intermediaries.

Smart geolocation advertising

CityTV have got special software to deliver ad with smart geolocation preferences. System uses no POI technology. Smart geolocation uses a complex algorithm for determining the location and movement direction.

Passenger watches advertisement (or gets coupon or discount in his mobile app) only if it follows the advertised object, not from him.

CityTV Advertising solutions CityTV Advertising solutions

CityTV Benefit & Support

We are ready to deploy digital screens network in the short term in order to bring maximum benefits to advertisers and passengers.

CityTV allow accurate planning  for advertising campaigns to receive a full range of information about their implementation

We offer all clients a monthly service level review into how effectively and efficiently their network of screens is performing. Our support teams manage all aspects of network management including installation, maintenance, content creation, operational network services and support.

CityTV Benefit & Support