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Partnership / Localization To Russian

Oct 04, 2012

Localization To Russian

More than 70 % of Internet users speak a language other than English. Over 500 million social media users are outside the US.

Make your audience bigger and go truly global, add the Russian language to your app.

According to Distimo Russia is one of the top fastest growing countries in terms of revenue in the Apple App Store/Google Play and has tremendous potential. It takes the 5th place in Europe according to the growth of tablets and smartphones. Each year the number of mobile devices even doubles.

Our team is in-depth of localization expertise. iRevolution handles complete, end-to-end project execution for a wide variety of localization and technology needs.

Our goal is to deliver complete customer satisfaction in both quality and price.

Why iRevolution? 

  • We offer high quality localization at the most competitive price;
  • We know the Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian mentality: What and who are they fond of watching, listening to? What games do they like? What do they prefer to read? ect;
  • We work with top specialists and experts in different subject fields: Russian Academy of Education, Russian National Institution of Education Development, PhDs in different fields;
  • We are a company that has done more than 2500 educational resources for kids, teachers and parents;
  • We have worked with adventure games, books and games for kids and adults: more than 20 apps are available in Russian for less than half a year and most of them are on tops of their categories on the Russian App Store;
  • We do not just translate the content, we adapt according to the cultural appropriateness;
  • Professional human editors check for reliable grammar, spelling, punctuation, wording, consistency and structure;
  • Our team has been working in the IT field since 1998;

What does localization by iRevolution include?

  • Names, titles, icons: the issue of comprehensibility and cultural appropriateness
  • Translation and adaptation of text, video, audio assets
  • Adaptation of the graphic assets
  • Translation and adaptation of the user’s interface
  • Voice over of the adapted content

How does it work? 

You send us

  • a loc kit with all the assets for localization;
  • additional requirements;

 We give you

  • A quote on localization
  • Localize all the assets according to the issue of comprehensibility and cultural appropriateness

Do not hesitate to contact us: or