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Partnership / The platform to create multiuser network action games

Mar 29, 2014

The platform to create multiuser network action games

«Сделай ход»

iRevolution company offers the platform “Make a move”, which allows you to create a multiuser game for PC, Mac and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows RT). Such game can be adapted to different study purposes, target audiences and different age groups. It’s not only about education. It’s also a way to gamificate your business or promote goods and services.

Компания iRevolution предлагает кроссплатформное игровое web-решение, которое воспроизводится популярными броузерами на PC, Mac, а также на мобильных планшетах iOS, Android  и Windows RT.

Игровая модель

The “Make a move” platform is based on a model of popular edutainment game from our childhood: players roll the dice and get from 1 to 6 points (=moves). Moving forward with this points a player stops in a field with some tasks or actions. The aim of any player is to reach finish the first. It can be rather difficult, if you fail tasks or “catch” fines.

The platform allows 1,2,3 or 4 players to play either (both) in multiuser or (and) network modes. The number of players can be increased, however, we suppose 4 is an ideal quantity to keep interest and game dynamics.

Your specialists can set game process scheme by their own:

  • The maximum number of players: | 2 | 3 | 4 | n |
  • Game modes: one user | multi-user |  multi-user network
  • If answer is incorrect: game piece stays up  | game piece is moved back to n penalty points mentioned in the field | game piece is moved back to n penalty points from 1 to 6 occurred on the cube.
  • Question is rated from 1 to 6 depending on its difficulty | questions have the same difficulty mode.
  • Field type: to answer question | to move back of n penalty points | to miss the next move | to move forward of n bonus points | etc.

Почему Веб-решение?

  • No need to install an app to a mobile device or PC
  • No 30% payments to AppStore or Google Play
  • Cross-platform

Notice! Internet connection is required for app working.


The “Make a move” platform allows “straining” any design, so it’s easy to follow psychology and pedagogical aims of players’ age, game topic and edutainment aims.

Depending on business option, you can choose whether to develop and implement design by your own or to delegate this to our specialists.

GUI is developed on the Pad-Ready principle, what means there are elements to manage size and convenient interface to work with touch screen.

Контрольно-изменительные модули (КИМ)



There are the following tools of checking knowledge implemented into the platform:

  • To choose one correct answer out of several options
  • To choose several correct answers out of several options
  • To type answer using keyboard
  • To set correct sequence by dragging media tasks

Each question can be accompanied by voice as well as include pictures, audio or video as a comment.

If there is any pedagogical necessity, the platform can be expanded through:

  • Adding new tools and control and test materials;
  • Adding “auto hint” option;
  • Adding “detailed hint” or “detailed answer” options.

Реализованные проекты

Network multi-user game «В стране безОпасности» (“In the country of safety”) ordered by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

Варианты сотрудничества

(1) The license "as is" for one year.

(2) App development order.

Сферы использования решения

- Knowledge control of children 5+ and teenagers in a game form (at pre-school institutes, at school, at home).

Игра «В стране безопасности»

- Completing business tasks through a game in own corporate networks (gamification).

Gamification is about to use the most interesting and attractive elements from games in daily life, work, business, etc. This is human-focused and emotional-adapted design (adapted to emotions, motivation, engagement).”

- Launching special offers to support promotion of goods and services.

Send requests and questions to Yana Prokofieva:

It’s your move!