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Technologies / App Optimization for iOS7

Dec 15, 2013 | Полезное, Разработчикам, Оленбергер

App Optimization for iOS7

This week, DCI company has rolled out the 9th information graphic in its infographic series – App Optimization for iOS 7, which has been specially designed for iOS app developers. It offers insights on the new features and tools available in Apple’s latest OS, and encourages app developers (who have not yet made the iOS7 leap) to move their apps forward to avoid providing users with an outdated app experience.

iOS 7 has widened the field of opportunities for app developers, and also paved the way for a redefined user experience. It lets developers rethink their apps, and vie again for top spots on the App Store, while allowing users to engage with apps at a whole new level. The infographic addresses 3 major aspects: the need to optimize apps for iOS 7, the impact of not optimizing them, and the attributes which developers can capitalize on in the new OS.

If an app is not updated, it can damage its rating and, as a result, decrease its popularity.

There are a plenty of opportunities offered by iOS7, why don't use them all?

The new tool "Near me" allows developers to promote an app and users to look for interesting products in their locations.

There are «Kids category» and «Wish list» now.

Now "heavy" (up to 100 Mb) apps can be downloaded without wi-fi - using only mobile network.

There are changes in App Store itself.

The source: DCI