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Works / How to draw in Russian!

Jan 26, 2012 | Mobile, Publishing

How to draw in Russian!

Now you can download a unique app “How to Draw” in Russian for free and get acquainted with an amazing methodology of step by step drawing with professional voice–overs. Attentive teachers will help you to draw and achieve great results. The app is narrated by young actors Bogdan Andryushchenko and Masha Voropay. Step by step they will teach you and your children how to draw animals, fantastic characters, and objects around us. Then you can colour, save and send your wonderful creation to your friends.

Touch the screen (with three fingers) and in the assisted panel execute one of the instruction:

  • Clear
  • Cancel  (for iPhone)
  • Zoom 100%
  • E-mail

If you like such a way of drawing, buy bundles with 6 pics each:

  • Bundle 1: Santa Claus, Skeleton, Robot, Shuttle, Dog and Emelya on a stove;
  • Bundle 2: Princess, Locomotive, Dinosaur, Tank – T90, Pony and Hippo.

We continue to create bundles and we are looking forward to your ideas, please, send them to We would love to hear your ideas on what you or/and your child would like to learn to draw.

App features:

  • Universal app for iPhone and iPad, but it is much more convenient to draw on your iPad;
  • Modern design as if you draw on a piece of real paper; 
  • Vertical and horizontal possibility to draw;
  • There are two ways of learning: watch and draw or just watch;
  • Save your wonderful drawing and share it with your friends, sending via e-mail;
  • Friendly interface;
  • Real colouring;
  • Voice-overs fully in Russian;
  • Pleasant effects.

Under the agreement with the Polish Company “Mind the kids” iRevolution localized app into the Russian language. This app is approved by the National Institute of Education Development.