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Works / Thumbelina is an interactive book in Russian

Mar 11, 2012 | Mobile, Publishing

Thumbelina is an interactive book in Russian

 The famous fairy tale “Thumbelina” by Hans Christian Andersen with 3D effects in Russian is available on the App Store!

The story “Thumbelina” is carried into the magic 3D effects world where you can get acquainted with fairy tale’s characters and help Thumbelina to find her home.

You will be amazed by Maybeetle’s skillfulness, Butterfly’ inventiveness and Swallow’s friendship. Moreover, they are excellent companions and adore joking!

Thumbelina is a talented and beautiful girl who can cook, complete difficult tasks, do puzzle and draw. You won’t be bored! You can puzzle, draw, colour, cook pizzas and choose wedding clothes for the Maybeetle together with Thumbelina.

You can also read, listen to the fairy tale, and converse with fairy characters. All characters can talk and help Thumbelina, just ask them and they will help you to complete difficult tasks.

Everyone will definitely find an interesting thing in this game. If you want to be an artist, you can draw and colour, if you prefer designing clothes, help Thumbelina to choose her wedding dress. If you like riddling, help her to unthread a maze and find Prince in a flower. Explore the world of magic and adventures with this 3D app Thumbelina and help her to come back together with her friends.

The application’s features:

  • 6 interactive games with 3D effects and various tasks; 
  • 7 mini-games (puzzle, colourings, calculations, riddles); 
  • 16 pages of the voiced story with wonderful illustrations; 
  • 2 levels of difficulty; 
  • Prompts in Russian available on every page; 
  • Friendly menu and choose section at the bottom of the screen; 
  • Excellent music and animation; 
  • Good humor; 
  • App for all iOS-based devices; 
  • Narrated by professional actors
Menu in the game:

 Back to main Menu

 A collection of the characters – colour and do puzzle.

   Colouring World

  Bookmark to view book’s pages.

  Turn on/off music