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Works / Fairy tales about Martha for iPad and iPhone

Mar 13, 2012 | Mobile, Publishing

Fairy tales about Martha for iPad and iPhone

“Fairy tales about Martha” are unique stories helping parents to raise their naughty kids, communicate with each other and solve important life problems. They help kids to understand that parents love them dearly and never leave, and it doesn’t matter whether this kid was adopted or not.

“Fairy tales about Martha” is an interactive book for children, parents, it explains children that babies can appear in families different ways – they can be born and adopted.

Fairy tales are written by Dina Sabitova, “Cherished Dream” laureate, colourful arts are done by famous artist Darya Gerasimova. Interactive elements make this story “alive” and you can read this tale and play with its characters and colour pictures. Don’t worry if you accidentally close the book, the next time you will not have to read from the very beginning, it will be opened where you stopped reading. 

Martha is a funny and naughty kitten. She is curious, this kitten builds sandcastles, plays pirates, dreams a lot, and makes up stories. She adores being naughty. Like all kids she touches and does forbidden things. Sometimes while playing games or walking around the museum she loses her parents. But Martha is not afraid of getting lost as she is sure Mom and Dad are near. As once she has found them and now they will be always with her.

In the topic “For parents” Moms and Dads can find (a lot of) useful information: 9 pages of practical tips to make up exciting, cognitive and cautionary tales about problems that worry your kids.
Now you can download the first book “Treasure” written for kids over 3. For FREE you will get three pages of the story to get acquainted, colouring and also 9 pages of practical tips for parents.

Soon the second story “Museum” will be available for older children!

Under the agreement with MD Media iRevolution has published and made this app available in the Russian language.

The application’s features:

  • Only on iPad, doesn's work on a new iPad;
  • Vertical mode; 
  • 15 pages with wonderful illustrations; 
  • Interactive elements; 
  • Narrated by professional actors; 
  • Colourings.
 Version for iPad:
Version for iPhone and iPod: