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Works / How to frighten children

Mar 27, 2012 | Mobile, Publishing

How to frighten children

It’s a collection of ironic and animated “horror stories” for adults and children. The interactive app is based on a printed book “How to frighten children” and enriched with animation and sounds effects.

At first sight children and adults seem to be totally different. Adults are big, smart and not afraid of anything. They want their children to grown up and be like them, that is why adults frighten them. The author dispels the most popular horrors and ghost stories. You are not afraid when you laugh!

Caricatures are done by famous artist Olga Demidova. The best Russian cartoonists created “alive horror stories”.

All stories are voiced by an excellent narrator Sergey Chonishvili, Honoured Artist.

You can also become a narrator and record this story or role play with your friends or children your own “horror story”. The app is tested by the best “horror experts” who guarantee your excellent mood during and after reading.

It’s particularly recommended for Daniil Kharms and funny child “horror stories” fans.

The app is of three parts: “Horror stories”, “School folktales” and “Vera Pavlova’s dreams”.

Now you can download only “Horror stories”, the next parts will be available later.

“How to frighten children!” and “Fairy tales about Martha are published under terms of the agreement with publishing house “MD Media”.

The application’s features:

• Only on iPad;
• Vertical mode; 
• 8 pages with wonderful illustrations; 
• Interactive elements; 
• Narrated by professional actors; 
• Opportunity to record your own voice.

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