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Works / The Little Fear by Byook in Russian

Aug 22, 2012 | Mobile, Publishing, New

The Little Fear by Byook in Russian

We do not recommend children to download and read this book!  “The Little Fear” stages an original short story with hints of Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe. Written by Miguel Vargas, it will plunge you into a world where children fight to survive while their parents are asleep. What can save them?
Set between horror and phantasmagoria, your path will cross that of the most appalling of nightmares...
“The Little Fear” is a new format of interactive books that comprises books and movies. Touch the screen, turn the page and the story comes to life. You will feel fear and astonishment. Together with the characters you will shudder from screams and get scared of gloomy shadows emerging from behind the corner.
Aren’t you afraid? Use headphones and feel the scaring reality next to you. This byook will talk to you and you will shift to the night when the tragedy happens. You’ll become a hero and get through the nightmare.

The app features:
- A universal app runs on different devices;
- Only vertical mode;
- A friendly interface similar to paper books;
- Use Facebook and it will be about you.

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Version for iPhone and iPod price $0.99

Version for iPad price $1.99