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Works / Deck Buster from Reiner Knizia in Russian

Jun 30, 2012 | Mobile, Publishing, New

Deck Buster from Reiner Knizia in Russian

Reiner Knizia’s Deck Buster is an ideal game for the fans of card games and logical challenges. This game unites the elements of poker and solitaire. The original version of the board game was designed by Reiner Knizia, a master of game design, and later published as an app for iPad and iPhone.
The simple rules help to become a skillful player but it’s too hard to master and learn to score a lot of points. At first glance, the task appears simple: place the cards to build highest card combinations. The number of cards is limited so you need to be attentive placing them and scoring as many points as possible and earning as many bonus cards as possible. Luck here is very important too but it’s more important to be attentive and think ahead. The game can be played in two different modes: Deck Buster 32 is played with a short deck of 32 cards. Deck Buster Wild is played with a full deck of 52 cards where all 2s are wild and can stand for any card.

You can compete in placing the cards with other players all over the world. Game Center allows you to track your best scores on the leaderboard.

The Russian version of the game is published by iRevolution in cooperation with Aidem Media.

The app’s features:

• Horizontal mode;
• Enjoyable background music;
• Friendly interface;
• For all devices;
• Game Centre.

Price: $0.99

Free version: