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Works / Poky

Sep 30, 2012 | Mobile, Publishing, New


You are right! Poky is a little pig! And he is very curious and funny. He always talks, runs away from someone and cannot but thinks aloud. Poky is so childlike that he is ready to share his experience, joy, doubts and of course his inventions.

Let us introduce interactive books that represent a series called “My First Interactive Book”. This time you will find two stories about a little pig Poky: “Shadow” and “Secret”.

Your child will enjoy playing with Poky. All characters are “alive”: they can be moved and tossed. This interactive app not only will help your kid to learn reading but explore the world.

Your child cannot read, can he? There is nothing to worry about! He/she will listen with great pleasure to wonderful stories narrated by Russian professional artist Mikhail Chernyak. Well known Russian fairy tales are narrated by him.

Or just turn the sound off! So you can read the story yourself and help Poky to find out something new and interesting!

The stories are recommended for kids from 3 years:


 Playing on the lawn Poky meets a strange black creature. Who is it?


 What is there in the wooden box?

The application’s features:

  • Two modes: read yourself or listen to voiced story;
  • Animation and sound effects;
  • Friendly interface for senior pre-school and elementary schoolchildren;
  • Wonderfully illustrated;
  • Professional sound;
  • Effect of turning pages;
  • “Alive” objects;
  • Learning words easily.

The app is approved by specialists of the National Institution of Education Development.

The apps “Kesha’s Adventures 1-2” and “Kesha’s Adventures 3-4” from a series “My First Interactive Book” are also available on the app Store!

Price: $0.99