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Works / Hare eared for iPad

Sep 29, 2012 | Mobile, Publishing, New

Hare eared for iPad

Let’s present you an interactive app “Hare eared” from the series called “My first interactive book”.

There’s a wonderful world where a kind and friendly family lives. Everybody calls them “Hare eared”. Why have they got such strange name?

Look at them, their ears are so big. No one has such ears. Nancy is the most beautiful member of the “Hare eared” family. Her stories will help your child to learn the simple but important things: how to be kind and careful, how to behave at home and outside. Everyday situations are shown in the stories.

Interacting with characters educates your child, he/ she learns a lot of interesting things. 
You will enjoy reading these stories.

This time you find two stories about : “Do it yourself” and “Hide and Seek” 
The stories are recommended for kids from 2 years:
Do it yourself. How to make the most delicious cake in the world for your loving dad? Having read this book you will find it out…
Hide and seek. 

What can be found under the hat? It is a story that it is easy to be lost in a house…
Choose yourself whether to read the stories for your kid or he/ she can listen to it. They are voiced by Elena Shulman. She has voiced the well-known fairy tales. 
And don’t forget that this app is interactive, all characters are “alive”: they can be moved and tossed.
Your child can turn the pages and switch on or off the sound alone!

The apps “Kesha’s Adventures 1-2” and “Kesha’s Adventures 3-4” from a series “My First Interactive Book” are also available on the App Store!

The application’s features:

  • Animation and sound effects;
  • Friendly interface for senior pre-school and elementary schoolchildren;
  • Wonderfully illustrated;
  • Professional sound;
  • Effect of turning pages;
  • “Alive” objects;
  • Learning words easily.
Price: $0.99