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Works / Oxial presentation

Sep 27, 2012 | Company, Mobile, New

Oxial presentation

Oxial presentation

Oxial presentation was made under Bausch&Lomb Inc. order.

The presentation operates on iPad devices (iOS 5.x or later) and allows user to get full information about Oxial and its effect.

The presentation includes main drug advantages, that make Oxial drops different from others:

  • It improves sense of sight and provides long-term moisture;
  • A unique formula (hyalurocanic acid + protector);
  • It keeps liquid well;
  • Good surfacing;
  • Sight acuity.

There are some recommendations how to use Oxial drops:

  • To threat dry eyes symptoms;
  • To liquidate eye fatigue and irritation after long PC using or TV watching;
  • It's universal, even if a person wears contact eyes.

App features:

  • For iPad;
  • Horizontal mode;
  • Usual and interactive screens;

Oxial presentation is free for download in AppStore!

iRevolution offers developing multimedia presentations as iOS or Android apps (from 2500 USD).

We will create a decision that will have all interactive and multimedia presentation advantages!