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Works / Lulu and Zazou in Australia

May 24, 2012 | Mobile, Publishing, New

Lulu and Zazou in Australia

This interactive app helps your child to discover an amazing country Australia. Lulu and Zazou go for a trip to far and unknown Australia. Travelling and playing with them your child will learn a lot of interesting facts: what animals live in this unusual continent, what kangaroos and koalas eat, who are the surfers, and what is the boomerang. Children will get acquainted with aborigines and musical instruments they play and even listen to the instrumental music.

The adventures are accompanied not only by wonderful songs that your child would love to sing together with Lulu and Zazou but by original French music. There are some mini-games in the app like searching for things and colors, and paying attention to the details.

The app has an extra funny game called “Jumble”, it helps your child to study easily the animal world of Australia.

The app is published in the Russian language by iRevolution in cooperation with Zanzibook, a French mobile publishing company.

This app was on top French mobile interactive books for children! Parents and children from different countries have rated this app in English and French.

The application’s features:

  • Only run on iPad;
  • Horizontal mode;
  • Original music and songs in the Russian language;
  • Narrated by professional actors;
  • Interactive characters and animation;
  • Funny dialogue;
  • Mini-games;