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Works / Gus Little Coin in Russian

May 29, 2012 | Mobile, Publishing, New

Gus Little Coin in Russian

It is an interactive musical app about little coin’s adventures travelling around the world from her native Paris. During the trip she meets a lot of interesting people and visits different cities. This story is about value of friendship and importance of having home where someone is waiting for you and loves you.

This app will help your child to learn about life and customs of people who live in other countries and about coins they use.
This app is a musical one, its characters talk about themselves singing funny songs. The app “Round trip from Paris to New York: little coin’s journey” is an interactive book-musical containing an interesting story, colorful illustrations and animated clip arts with music.
The original idea is by Vanessa Pol, a French writer. Music and songs are written specially for this app by David Herschel, a French composer. This good story is about a little coin and her friend Jean, it is written for and dedicated to the author’s little son.
The app is published in the Russian language and voiced by film and theatre actors worked at the Russian version of the French musical “Emily Jolie”.  

You can read or listen to this story together with your child. The app has a friendly interface similar to paper books: it’s easy to turn the pages and you can easily open the book on the place where you stopped reading.
The app has original illustrations, music and songs.

The application’s features:

  • For iPad, iPhone and iPod;
  • Horizontal mode;
  • Original music and songs in Russian;
  • Narrated by professional actors;
  • Effect of turning pages;
  • Animated characters;