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Why 86 Percent of UNC-Chapel Hill Students Prefer the Flipped Classroom

Jan 31, 2014 | Interesting, Education, Prokofieva

Students spend more time discussing the application of learning content to their careers and less time scribbling notes. JIMMY DALY

Internet Trends: Students in Europe

May 21, 2013 | Analytics, Education, Prokofieva

OK, students in Europe: spotlight’s on you! In this week’s look at the results of our global student survey, I’m highlighting some of the internet trends we found from respondents across Europe. So, what did we find out?

Steve Wozniak in jOBS

Jan 24, 2013 | iOS, Interesting, Prokofieva

On the Web there are a lot of pics from the «jOBS» shooting, where Ashton Kutcher tries on Steve Jobs. The shooting new photos illustrates Apple co-founder and Steve Wozniak in the performance of Josh Gad. These are the first film frames with the participation of Wozniak, presented to the public.

MEB prototypes presentation

May 25, 2012 | Company, Prokofieva

The first presentation of created MEB prototypes

“Fairy tales about Martha”on the App Store

Mar 14, 2012 | Company, iOS, Prokofieva

We offer unique interactive app“Fairy tales about Martha” to your judgment. This fairy tale is recommended adopted children at age of 5 to 9, and it is also very helpful for their parents and specialists. This app is based on the book “Fairy tales about Martha” published by a famous children publishing house MD Media.

Agreement with «Akademkniga/Uchebnik»

Jan 17, 2012 | Company, Prokofieva

Today iRevolution has signed a license agreement with the publishing house «Akademkniga/ Uchebnik».

The First Stage is Passed

Dec 19, 2011 | Company, Prokofieva

Today the commission of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science approved the report of the Federal National Autonomous Institute “NIDE” that deals with the first stage of the project “Prototypes development of new generation interactive multimedia e-pupil’s books for mobile devices for basic education under the program “Development of new generation e-educational Internet recourses including cultural informative services and also systems of distant basic and professional e-learning”. In this project iRevolution being a co-executor of developing prototypes of new generation multimedia e-pupil’s books (NG MEB) for the following subjects: Literature for secondary school, Technology for primary school, Art for primary and basic school.

License Agreement with Postnikov

Nov 06, 2011 | Company, Prokofieva

iRevolution signed an agreement with V. Postnikov, the author of a popular series of books for kids “The Adventures of Pencil and Screwbolt”

Agreement with Russian National Institute of Education Development

Nov 02, 2011 | Company, Prokofieva

iRevolution signed an agreement with the Russian National Institute of Education Development to develop a project “Prototypes development of new generation interactive multimedia e-pupil’s books...