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iOS 5 vs Android

Dec 01, 2011 | iOS, Interesting, Shlyakhtin

Android OS has almost 43% of the market, while iOS has only 28%  - favorite phrase in an attempt to prove the superiority of the operating system Google. The day is activated 500 000 smartphones with Android on board. The numbers are stunning....

New Autumn 3D Product from HP

Nov 28, 2011 | Interesting, Terenin

Today the Russian subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard has introduced its new products to the Russian market

Twine Listens and Obeys

Nov 26, 2011 | Interesting, Terenin

Twine is the simplest possible way to get the objects in your life texting, tweeting or emailing.

U.S. Kids Looking Forward to “iHoliday” 2011

Nov 21, 2011 | Analytics, Interesting, Grigorieva, Terenin

A recent Nielsen survey shows kids’ holiday gaming and electronics appetites are whet by a number of top-selling Apple devices – with the iPad leading the pack.

iOS Users Download More Photos on Twitter

Nov 15, 2011 | Analytics, Interesting, Grigorieva

The company Skyline analyzed 24 million of photos uploaded into Twitter by its users last week. The result was is that 39% of all photos were sent from iOS devices.

TV is the most Popular «Screen»

Nov 11, 2011 | Analytics, Interesting, Terenin

TV is a universal and the most significant platform for watching videos.

40% of U.S. Mobile Users Own Smartphones; 40% - Android

Oct 21, 2011 | Analytics, Interesting, Grigorieva

In the US 40% of mobile consumers over 18 have smartphones. Android is the most popular operating system, iOS takes the second place.

Nikon iP-PJ: iPhone with Integral Projector

Oct 03, 2011 | Interesting, Grigorieva

This September the Japanese company Nikon started sales of its new multifunctional photo camera Coolpix S1200pj with a special feature

iOS and Android Occupy 58% of US games market

Oct 01, 2011 | iOS, Interesting, Grigorieva

The analytics company Flurry published a survey, confirming a trend of moving portable gaming from special devices, such as game consoles, to smart phones and tablet computers. According to this research, made by Flurry, two most popular operating systems Android and iOS (actually, Android and iOS based devices) keep 58% of game market in USA. Sony and Nintendo showed similar results last year (2010) with the percentage of 57%...

3 Ways to Use iPad with Children

Sep 01, 2011 | Interesting, Shlyakhtin

Our iPad serves different functions for every member of our family. While travelling, my husband takes it with him to read books or watch movies, I use it to catch up on my blog reading and magazines, and my older kids use it for some of their homeschool lessons and to blow off steam. But even my two-year-old gets in on the mix...