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The «Iron» Video editor for iPad

Feb 20, 2013 | iOS, Terenin

The Edit Director of «Iron Man» and «Iron Man2», Dan Lebental put out mobile app TouchEdit for video editing intended for iPad tablets.

The Internet gets into Russia 2 times faster than into the world

Jan 26, 2013 | Interesting, Terenin

Today, a fixed access to the Internet is more popular in Russia than a mobile one. But now the wireless Internet access is already integrated into lives of many Russians.

Who closed the Dotcom and for how long?

Jan 22, 2013 | Interesting, Terenin

The founder of the closed a year ago sharing service named Megaupload Kim (Dotcom) Schmitz announced the launch of similar project called «Mega» ( Information about this appeared in Dotcom’s personal blog in Twitter.

American learned how to recognize animals

Jan 17, 2013 | Interesting, Terenin

Harvard University Biologist Walter Scheirer developed an algorithm, that defines an animal kind when you take photos of animal on a digital camera, reports New Scientist. Technology is planned to be used in smartphones applications, and also as assistance to scientists working with automatic cameras-traps.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera Has 3 Problems

Jan 14, 2013 | Interesting, Terenin

It's a point-and-shoot digital camera, with the back side replaced by a smartphone-sized tablet. It's asmartphone that can't make voice calls, and has a big camera lens sticking out of the back. It's theSamsung Galaxy Camera, and it combines the equivalent of a $199 digital camera with the Android OS and hardware performance of Samsung's Galaxy S III smartphone. Tech gadget reviewers like The Verge's Aaron Souppouris like the concept, and agree that the GalaxyCamera has many advantages over a normal point-and-shoot. But they also point out some huge disadvantages, for holiday buyers to consider.

The budget iPhone cost $150

Jan 09, 2013 | iOS, Terenin

This is a conceptual brainchild of a designer Andro Gama. Size of a device will be 48.9 x 101 x 13.5 mm, and the weight – 87 grams. With a capacitive touch screen type, which was made on the AMOLED technology, device will have a diagonal of 2.4 inches. And the entire screen will be protected from dust, water, scratches and fingerprints.

Five 2013 trends

Jan 05, 2013 | Interesting, Terenin

Smart electronics, that you can put on yourself, managing without touching screen, 3D printing, smart TV and air charging are five challenging technologies, which got some development last year and are going to become very mass in 2013.

Classmates are not debtors anymore!

Jan 02, 2013 | Interesting, Terenin

In 2013 users will have an opportunity to subscribe to the monitoring of the enforcement proceedings, which will automatically send requests to data bank of enforcement proceedings and notify subscriber in case of coincidence with his data!

Now iTunes In Russia!

Nov 29, 2012 | iOS, Terenin

Apple has launched a music online store iTunes Store in Russia. Along side with it more than 50 iTunes stores are open today!

For And Against The iPad Mini

Jun 04, 2012 | Analytics, iOS, Terenin

Rumors of a 7- to 7.85-inch iPad have been swirling around for a long while now. We’ve seen reports get killed moments after they initially break, only to be sneakily resurrected weeks or months later. The rumor simply won’t die. The problem, however, is that this one in particular is a tough nut to crack. When you take all the evidence both for and against a little iPad, you’re still left with no real conclusion. So conclusion aside, here are some of the reasons Apple may, or may not, introduce the little iPad...