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Technologies / Полезное

Large-Scale Scrum

Jul 20, 2014 | Полезное, Разработчикам, Оленбергер

Large-scale Scrum is regular Scrum applied to large-scale development. For example, for one product group with 500 people. One key message of Scrum is to avoid a cookbook or recipe of defined process and realize that each team and each product will have to inspect and adapt their own Scrum adoption, which will evolve Sprint by Sprint. Therefore the suggestions offered here are no more than that—suggestions.

App Optimization for iOS7

Dec 15, 2013 | Полезное, Разработчикам, Оленбергер

This week, DCI company has rolled out the 9th information graphic in its infographic series – App Optimization for iOS 7, which has been specially designed for iOS app developers.

7 inch tabs comparison

Sep 15, 2012 | Полезное, Terenin, 2012

7 inch tabs comparison